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Balloon Décor Builder Bundle for Schools

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Attention schools of all sizes and levels. If you work in a school at all, you know they always need balloons for something! Are you sick of the same old helium balloon bouquets for every event? Have you always wanted attention-grabbing balloon décor for your events, but it's just "not in the budget?!" Or maybe, there simply isn't a balloon decorator in your area. Well, we want the gift of balloons to be available to all schools and for all children, so we came up with the perfect solution.

Introducing West Michigan Balloons - Balloon Décor Builder Bundle for Schools!

We know, you're not balloon decorators, but believe us, with a little training and keeping the instruction manual handy, you'll feel like a pro in no time.

For only a $499 investment, your school will have the ability to make endless balloon arches and columns for every event (you just need to buy balloons!)

Each Balloon Décor Package Includes:

(1) arch stand (approximately 10ft wide x 8ft tall) - Indoor or outdoor use.
(2) column stands - Indoor or outdoor use.

(2) balloon arch kits in school colors
(2) balloon column kits in school colors

Supplies: Electric pump, sizing box, 2 Vinyl Decals with School Logo, other miscellaneous items required to complete your arch/columns.

6-month email support to answer any questions/troubleshooting if required.

Delivery is included up to 30 miles from Norton Shores. Delivery charge applies for 30+ miles.


Fun and on-trend, great for school morale, photo-ops, and more!
Save money!!
You don't have to be the one to "run to the party store" to pick up helium balloons and jam them in your car again!
Save time from figuring out decorations or putting together garlands that won't look great.
No boring helium balloons (and they're pricey, too!)
Doesn't take much room to store.
Use it as a money maker within your school and charge boosters/clubs/activities to rent the stands.
No waste with our refill kits, save money by only buying the number of decorator-quality balloons you need.
These are available ONLY to Schools / PTOs / Boosters / Non-Profits (must have a school or .org email to purchase)
Multi-school discount is available for schools within the same district. Email us for pricing!
The first of its kind, this kind of offer simply isn't available anywhere else.
The possibilities are endless!!


Initial investment
You have to make sure you have someone who always knows how to do balloons (With people aging out of school, moving, etc.) It's best to have a staff member + PTO/volunteer know how to use the kit. If all else fails, just revert back to the instruction manual or shoot us an email!