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DIY 6FT Balloon Garland Kit - Halloween!

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Create your own spooky (and adorable!) Halloween balloon garland for your holiday party, home, business.. or just for fun!

Whether you're a balloon professional, hobbyist, feeling crafty, or just trying to save money, our West Michigan Balloons professionally curated balloon kits are perfect. We use high quality balloons and materials to ensure you get the look you want. 

You will impress yourself and your guests with your fun balloon garland! 


Variety of 5" and 12" (orange, black, white, black/white marble) 
2 foil balloons, one large spider, one mini bat
FREE balloon class via Facebook (or zoom) (3 times available) or written instructions and pro tips. 
Glue dots 
Long balloons for hanging

Required/helpful tools: Scissors, duct or shipping tape. 3M hooks / fishing line  Balloon pump. Manual (Under $5) or Electric (preferred - $20) See our instruction page for full details.